Coleman County State Bank


Personal Banking

Coleman County State Bank wants to save you from embarrassment and excessive fees should you accidently overdraw your account.  No matter how careful you are with your finances sometimes mistakes happen.   We offer two programs to give you the extra piece of mind that your accounts are in good shape and you will not be bouncing any checks. 

Overdraft Protection 

  • Protect yourself from the inconvenience of an overdrawn account and insufficient funds fees by linking your checking account to another account with Coleman County State Bank.  With your accounts linked if there is a shortage in your checking account the funds would automatically be pulled from your “protection” account to cover the overdrawn amount.  Overdraft Protection is a convenience feature that is FREE to you!
  • Protect your accounts today, ask a representative for more information or sign up now! 

Overdraft Privilege

  • Overdraft Privilege is a discretionary courtesy provided by Coleman County State Bank.  Should you accidently overdraw your account, Coleman County State Bank will pay your checks up to $300.00 as long as you have qualified for the overdraft privilege.  There is no fee for this service unless you use it.  If a check is presented and the funds are not available to cover the check, the bank will charge you the regular (AOD) fee of $25.00 and pay the check for you.  This will save you from having to pay additional fees to the merchant or payee. 
  • Ask a representative for more information.


Coleman County State Bank. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.
Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender